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Author: David Lees

Bulletproof your business ÔÇô the new normal

IronTreeÔÇÖs Bulletproof your Business webinar series highlights how cloud-hosted technology solutions bring about robust business practices.

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Looking back on disaster recovery 2019

When we talk about IT disaster recovery weÔÇÖre not talking about surviving floods and fires and earthquakes. Natural disasters account for a small percentage of all data loss incidents and cyber attacks.

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Looking back on cloud backup 2019

Backing up has become essential, fullstop. So much of a businessÔÇÖs vital data is on computer these days, from debtors and creditors to details of who to invoice and the status of stock, plus compliance records and financial statements ÔÇô virtually everything is on computer.

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Looking back on cloud hosting 2019

Thousands of businesses around the world already use virtual hosted servers to simplify their IT environments. And the trend is growing in South Africa. Why?

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Looking back on cyber security 2019

According to Juniper Research ÔÇô one of the worldÔÇÖs leading analyst firms in the online, mobile and digital market ÔÇô global cybercrime has accounted for a staggering $2 trillion in 2019. What is worse, is that American business magazine Forbes predicts this number will increase to $6 trillion by 2021!

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