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Are you still vulnerable?

So, you’ve taken the necessary steps to secure your data, your backups run frequently, and you have strong cyber security measures in place. Can you possibly still be vulnerable?

Often when setting up cyber security we tend to overlook some very basic elements. With the rise of smart devices there are more and more elements to overlook.

In 2018 hackers found their way into a casino’s network via a smart fish tank’s thermostat. They then managed to pull sensitive data out the way they got in – through that thermostat! links easy network access to the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things) and the massive increase in ordinary inanimate objects with sensors that allow them to connect to networks. This list includes smart TVs, baby monitors, pacemakers, smart fridges, and of course thermostats, amongst a host of other devices.

I’m not saying smart devices like these are a bad thing. After all, they allow us to analyse and optimise processes far more quickly than before, but they do also put your security at risk.

What is the solution?

There’s no single save-all solution. As business owners, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. This means that on top of implementing all the best cyber security protocols it’s fundamental to have an IT expert come in regularly to assess your network security. This, of course, must include the assessment of that smart fridge in the office and the Wi-Fi-controlled air conditioning.

Do you have proper data protection in place?

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