Am I selecting the right data for cloud backup?

Backed up data is what you get when you replicate data files and store them in a safe place away from where they’re usually kept. These backed up files can then be used to restore your data in the event of something happening to it. If you backup once daily, then you’ll never lose more than a day’s work. So it’s vital to backup. And it makes sense to take on the services of an online/cloud backup service, so that the process is regular, automated and assured.

Backup vital files

You don’t need to backup every single file on your computer. What you need to backup are the files you use to run your business and the personal data files that need to be kept secure in terms of the new data protection laws.

Vital files include your clients and suppliers’ details, employee details, financial documents, payroll information, production schedules and whatever it is that your particular business needs to run. In other words, you need to backup the documents you can’t replicate or that would cost you a lot of time – or money – to replace.  

You don’t need to backup your full system, ie apps and software too – a system image backup can be taken care of by a disaster recovery service, but that’s another subject altogether. What you need to backup every day is the absolute can’t-work-without stuff.

Select the right data

Once you’ve decided what you can’t do without, and therefore must backup, you need to make sure these files have been selected for your scheduled backup. Sounds obvious, but imagine if an important file is moved out of a folder that’s amongst the automatic backup set and that file then isn’t backed up.

While handing over your online backup to a service provider is the trusted way to ensure that your data remains safe and recoverable at any time, you still have a part to play in making certain that your chosen data set is correct.

Online (cloud) backup is essential in today’s digital world, and it’s become easy to arrange. IronTree offers online/cloud backup as a service so that your files are backed up at a scheduled time daily with no user intervention needed. However, if you need assistance, IronTree will be there to help!


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