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 IronTree provides data management services including cloud backup and disaster recovery, cyber crime and ransomware prevention, ongoing compliance management, and business continuity planning services. These enable our clients to overcome disasters that impact their organisations.

We do this by offering great products hosted in South Africa, priced correctly and with unbelievable support.

Cloud Backup

When you lose your data, our cloud backup technology and real human support will get it back for you. Our cloud backup service is hosted in South Africa and offers a fully secured environment, full recovery and excellent support.

Advanced Data Management Solutions

Data is your business’s most important asset and deserves top management. IronTree provides comprehensive cloud management from Rubrik’s software platform. Including Backup as a service, Disaster Recovery as a service, Detection as a service and Archiving services.

Hosted Exchange

Access your email and calendar anywhere, across all your devices, with our hosted exchange service. Optional branding will ensure consistent email signatures and intelligent marketing messaging.

Cyber Security

Your information is at risk. More than 350,000 variants of malicious software are released every day. Your antivirus is not enough. Our cyber security solutions will prevent and protect against cyber threats 100% of the time.

POPI and GDPR Compliance

Compliance with the POPI and GDPR regulations is complex and requires teams to work effectively together. POPI365 and GDPR365’s intuitive interface and thoughtful workflows simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, simple assignable tasks via a cloud-based hub.


When a disruptive event occurs, chaos usually ensues. With our P4C solution you can plan and execute scenarios that will be able to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity.

IronTree Reseller Programme

Partnership programmes often promise the world but under-deliver on results. We’ve designed a reseller model to truly add value and ensure you reap cash rewards.

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Our cloud backup and disaster recovery services are hosted in South Africa.


Real human service

We offer real human support. We understand and empathise with you when you have lost your information and are unable to work.


No strings attached

Monthly subscription based, no long term commitments.


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We will make sure your service is running and setup is done optimally. 

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