February 2021 - IronTree

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Month: February 2021

Modern digital protection: what does it mean?

Learn five important aspects of digital protection (data protection + cyber protection) and why an integrated approach to cyber security has become vital to counter modern cyber threats. IronTree provides integrated data protection.

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Five things to expect from cloud computing in 2021

A summary of what Forbes expects from cloud computing in 2021. IronTree provides hybrid cloud setups for small and medium-size businesses.

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In this age of obscurity can you afford multiple vendors?

Consider whether to engage a single vendor or many vendors for all the different digital processes you need. IronTree provides a 2-in-1 backup and cyber security solution.

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Is backup really dead?

Find out what the future looks like for active data protection. IronTree provides advanced data protection including automated backup, DR and anti-malware.

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Moving to the cloud, some things to think about

Learn the difference between cloud accounting software and hosting your current desktop software in the cloud. IronTree provides the option of a hybrid cloud, where you get the best of both worlds.

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Are you patched?

Learn the importance of patching your operating system and applications quickly. IronTree provides Patch Management in our all new solution, which does the patching for you.

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