Month: April 2019

Rubrik named on 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies List

Rubrik appears on LinkedIn’s top companies to work for list in 2019. The list is derived from multiple factors such as engagement with employees, job interest and job retention, and is based on billions of actions taken by the LinkedIn community.The data management company has shown exceptional growth in recent years and believes its employees … Continued

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Moving to the cloud: advantages and considerations

More than ever, business sustainability and continuity is totally dependent on the availability of, and the ability to share, data – and I don’t just mean data from your accounting software. To be competitive, you need to optimise all your data systems so you can offer the best customer service possible and make your business stand out.

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Rubrik’s Live Mount proving more than a recovery feature

Judging by the numerous ways in which Rubrik customers are using its Live Mount to run virtual machines directly from stored backups, the functionality is proving to be super useful.The original purpose of Rubrik was as a recovery tool to give companies the ability to take point-in-time snapshots of objects stored within its platform. However, … Continued

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