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Month: January 2017

Five industries that will benefit from mobile device management

It’s hard to believe that less than two decades ago, mobile phones were exactly that – devices that allowed us to make and receive telephone calls whilst mobile. Laptop computers were luxury items usually only enjoyed by company owners and directors. In those days, smartphones, iPads and tablet devices may well have been fanciful, futuristic devices created by ‘Q’ and used by James Bond.

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Should you block websites in the work place?

What happens in an internet minute? According to Intel, the statistics are staggering – check out a handy infographic here. Here are just a few mind-boggling statistics: every minute 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are created, Facebook is logged into 277,000 times, YouTube gets 1.3 million video views and 320+ new Twitter accounts are created.

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7 things you need to know about antivirus

In a data-dependent world, the need for antivirus software is increasing. This is due to the volumes of information generated, stored and transmitted on a daily basis and businesses’ reliance on this movement of precious cargo to continue unhindered. As a result, the value of information assets has grown drastically and so has the need to protect it. So let us take a look at why, when protecting your data, you should take into account the following key facts:

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How backup programs back up accounting software databases

When selecting data to back up, it is relatively easy to select all of one’s Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. These are typically stored in a folder on your machine. To select these for backup, you simply select the folder that they are stored in for ongoing backup. Any new and existing documents and spreadsheets are then backed up on an ongoing basis.

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Your business continuity plan: five must-have items

Business continuity planning and managing one’s business are definitely top of mind for a lot of business owners and managers. This is especially true in the tricky waters of South Africa, where infrastructure is no longer guaranteed.

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Business impact analysis in a nutshell

A business impact analysis is really one of the cornerstones of business continuity planning.

Business continuity is the process of planning and the philosophy of constantly improving one’s business.

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How much should businesses spend on business continuity?

This is a really tough question. How can I determine how much you need to spend to ensure that you have adequate business continuity plans in place? This will depend upon how much is required to ensure you have built-in redundancy for the services that your business relies upon.

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Why Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Despite continued and increased investment in security, traditional antivirus solutions are being rendered inefficient due to the complexity and sophistication of new malware.

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What makes Panda Antivirus different?

Using the correct antivirus has become more and more important in an age that is technologically driven and demanding. Internet access has become an everyday requirement that brings with it major conveniences – and some threats to consider also.

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Using Pastel? You need a reliable online backup service

The vast majority of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa use some iteration of the Sage Pastel software platform. As with any software out there, things do go wrong at times: data gets corrupted or deleted, hard drives crash or tape drives fail at the most inopportune time. The sad reality is that many businesses do not have backups, let alone business continuity in mind at all.

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